Senator Sheehan's Priorities include...

If re-elected, I will introduce legislation to:
• Create a Line-item veto for the governor.
• Create a baseline for school aid to communities.
• Prevent the use of non-disclosure agreements to conceal cases of
  sexual harassment or assault.
• Establish public funding of General Assembly races.

• Permit physicians a say with regard to maintenance of certification programs. 

• Reintroduce legislation to create the Office of Inspector General.

• Require merit selection for court magistrates.


If re-elected, I will support legislation to:
• Uphold federal “law” by codifying into state law US Supreme Court
  precedents and statutes relating to a women's right to choose. I also would support repealing the attendant RI General Laws prohibiting abortion. This means that the right to choose as it exists today would be preserved under RI Law.  
• Provide pay equity for women.
• Expand access to health care to more Rhode Islanders.
• Expand opportunities for affordable pathways to higher education and workplace training.
• Continue to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour.